Jul 10, 2011

Making a Paracord Bracelet , Part Two The Cobra Weave

 In Part One The lanyard Knot we started off with making the piece around the wrist.

Now that you have the wrist loop made and approximately sized you start your cobra weave with your 8 foot piece of cord.

I find it easier if you place a caribiner in the end of the loop, it give you a way to hold it and push the knots up against as you work.

Fold your 8 foot piece in half and you lanyard goes in between the two at the loop.

Take the top (green) over the orange.

And underneath your lanyard.

And up through the loop from behind.

It should look like this, pull this tight and push it against the caribiner.

The pencil points to the loop formed by your knot, this is the side you place on top of the lanyard.

The other end goes over top.

Underneath and up through the loop.

And the process alternates and repeats itself

As I work I try to keep the weave pushed up tight to the previous knots

Once I Have the cobra weave about half an inch away from the lanyard knot I try it on to check the fit, make any adjustments and tighten the lanyard knot.

I pull the last cobra weave knot tight and cut off  the free ends leaving about 1/4" then melt it with a flame, I also trim and melt the free ends of the lanyard knot at this time. I usually wait a second or so before pushing the molten nylon  against the bracelet.

I hope my tutorial is clear and with a little over 10 feet of paracord you can make your own, there are also many variations of weaves and tutorials on this subject on the internet and it is quite an addictive hobby once you get started.

Stay Safe


sabrina wilz said...

I would like to make something larger and I'm trying to determine how much paracord I need. In order to make the bracelet did you use 10' total? How many inches did the bracelet come out to with the amount of paracord you used?

Bob Shannon said...

Hi Sabrina,
A rough rule of thumb is about one foot of paracord per inch of bracelet, more or less depending on how tight you weave it. I got all but ten feet woven on an eight and a half inch bracelet.

Live from Yankland... said...

Hey Bob,

This is wonderful - thanks for sharing. I just have one quick question - will this cobra weave pull apart quickly (for use in emergencies) or does it take a while to undo?

Thanks again!

Bob Shannon said...

Thanks for the kind comments Live

It is not hard to take apart but it does take a little while. There is another weave you can use that unwinds quicker but I can't remember the name offhand.
I'll try to figure it out and maybe due a post on how to do it this weekend.

Vx777infonet said...

Thanks I am in the Bushclass and this is helpfull