Oct 30, 2011


On a outing several weeks ago for a BCUSA Bushclass I was lucky enough to find the location where the settlers from the massacre at great cove are buried and get some pics.

This is from the document
The History of bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania

FALLING SPRINGS, Sabbath Morning, Nov. 2, 1755.
To the Inhabitants of the Lower Part of the county of Cumberland:
Gentlemen, - If you intend to go to the assistance of your neighbors, you need
wait no longer for the certainty of the news. The Great Cove is destroyed.
James Campbell left his company last night and went to the fort at Mr. Steel's
meeting-house and there saw some of the inhabitants of the Great Cove, who gave
this account, that as they came over the hill they saw their houses in flames.
The messenger says that there are but one hundred, and that they are divided
into two parts; the one part to go against the Cove, and the other against the
Conolloways, and that there are two French among them; they are Delawares and
Shawnees. The part that came against the Cove are under the command of Shingas,
the Delaware king. The people of the Cove that came off saw several men lying
dead; they heard the murder shout and the firing of guns, and saw the Indians
going into their houses that they had come out of, before they left sight of the
Cove. I have sent express to Marsh Creek at the same time I send this; so I
expect there will be a good company there this day, and as there are but one
hundred of the enemy, I think it is in our power, if God permit, to put them to
flight, if you turn out well from your parts. I understand that the West
settlement is designed to go if they can get any assistance to repel them. All
in haste, from
Your humble servant,

Sacred Ground.

Stay safe


Le Loup said...

Good one. Have posted on my blog.

Genuine Lustre said...

Glad I found this blog post. My ancestor, William Linn, and one of his sons was killed in this event. Wonder if they are buried here. Lovely photos.

Terry Martin-Arnot said...

This is amazing. My ancestors, The Martin Family were captured by the Indians in this raid. The mother two daughters and two sons were kidnapped and kept by the indians for 9 years. The father and oldest son fought to win their freedom. Unfortunately, the oldest daughter was killed by the indian women shortly after capture. I have never seen photos of this. It is quite humbling. Thank you for sharing your photos.
-Terry Martin-Arnot