Feb 9, 2014

The Rules of Three

    A couple of weekends ago I had a Hazmat refresher class and one of the instructors and I got into a conversation about survival and the importance of  the rules of three came up. Now most people never give it a thought but it reminds me of the quote from Alfred Montepert
"Natures laws are the invisible government of the earth".
You can't escape them, the priorities may change a little depending on the circumstances but they do and will apply whether you want them to or not.

I don't know who first came up with the idea of The Rules but I first heard it from the late wilderness skills instructor Dr. Ron Hood. After I left the class and since then I've been thinking about this and how it applies to what I carry and it is in my opinion the simplest way to set your priorities in a compromised (or not so compromised) situation. It's really so easy a caveman really did do it.

The rules are as follows:
-Three minutes without air.
-Three hours without shelter.
-Three days without water.
-Three weeks without food.

In further writings I will be delving further into each of the rules for my benefit and hopefully it helps someone else out.

Stay safe

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