May 9, 2011

Hike to an old Boy Scout camp

A nice Sunday with the sun shining and I'm heading to the mountains for a hike,to an old Boy Scout camp more specifically. In the late 70's I was part of Boy Scout Troop 125 and we built a camp in the mountains above Ft. McCord. We would stay up there for about a week during the Summer working on it and hunting Snipes.

The beginning of the Hike down from the top of the mountain.

On the way down you pass through a couple of landings from when it was logged off, each one had a couple of Dog Woods.

The somewhat rocky trail travels down through a gap through some old downed timber which I can remember being there when I was a kid.

The beginning of a mountain stream, fresh water coming out of the ground right on the trail.

Some outcroppings just before coming to an old dry quarry.

Some old equipment from the past right above the quarry

Not much further down the trail is the camp I helped build, the logs for the cabin were dragged down from where the trees were down by us wearing harnesses and pulling like mules. If I remember correctly it may have been built on an old charcoal site from the old iron industry in the area. Not bad for 30 some years old.

The fire pit where a lot of good times were spent.

This is where our patrol had our tent site cut out of the mountain side, the stone wall is still there, there were four sites all together as the Scout leaders slept in the cabin.

It was a great day out with a lot of memories and I can't help but wonder if the Indians passed through this same gap during the Indian wars, maybe Mary Jemison passed through here when she was a captive.

Stay safe


buzzard said...

What brilliant pictures and a fantastic looking place, I'm jealous!

Gorges Smythe said...

So the Scoutmasters slept in the "cabin" did they? The dirty dogs!

Le Loup said...

Great looking area Bob. But I recon growing some blackberries over that old equipment would improve it.