Aug 12, 2012

History Around Us: Mary Jemison "White Woman of the Genesee"

I've always been interested in the the local history of our area, especially the period of around the time of the French and Indian war. One of the most interesting stories are of Mary Jemison. Born in 1743 aboard a ship bound for Philidelphia from Ireland from the accounts I've read.
They settled in Buchanan Valley in what is now present day Adams County Pennsylvania. There her family settled and lived in relative peace until a fateful day when a band of Shawnee's and Frenchman attacked and took them from their home. My words can't do her incredible story justice but you can read a first hand account that was written by James E. Seaver:    Life of Mary Jemison

Here are some photos of a trip I took to the area.

The sign is along US 30 at the intersection of 234 at Tick Tock

Her monument not far from the homestead where she along with her family were taken, the rock base that the statue stands on was taken is supposed to be the hearthstone from the cabin.

In C.Hale Sipes book The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania  he describes the location at the confluence of Sharps Run and the Conewago Creek, I started to follow Sharps Run towards the Conewago but ran out of time but I'm fairly certain I was in an area that her family or the raiding party may have traveled.

 Someday I hope to find the exact location of her homested, but soon I'll be going to the area that her family was put to death.

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LHS said...

Thank you SO much for posting this! I Live in NY state about 30 min. from Letchworth State park. I grew up loving the Mary Jemison story and have visited her statue and grave site many fact just a few weeks ago!

I have always wanted to visit Buchanan Valley and see the "other statue" of Mary, but have not had the chance. Your pictures are almost like being there.

Her story is still taught in the local schools and hopefully is still inspiring young girls like it did me.
Thanks again, Leslie

Back Creek Bushcraft said...
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Back Creek Bushcraft said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed it Leslie.
I'm hope to do one on the place where her parents and others were put to death this weekend. Her story is quite amazing and I hope to get to Letchworth someday to visit her grave.

Thanks Bob