Aug 19, 2012

History Around Us: Mary Jemison...The Massacre!!

        During the attack on their homestead by six Shawnee and four Frenchmen, Mary along with her parents Thomas and Jane, her siblings Robert, Mathew and Betsy were taken along with a neighbor woman and her 3 children who was staying at the homestead. Her oldest brothers Thomas and John who were working in the barn escaped.
The ten captives were led Northwestward en route to the Ohio Valley, the children being whipped when they did not keep up. On the second night thirty or so miles from their home they were not far from the area now known as Fort McCord, a private fort that was destroyed by a band of Indians led by Shingas about two years prior.

        Around this time Mary along with the other women's young son were given moccasins to wear by the Indians. As they were separated and led away from the rest of the captives Mary's mother cried out.
"Don't cry Mary...don't cry my child. God will bless you! Farewell...farewell!

The gorge where Mary and the boy traveled with their captors.
The monument

Some pictures of the gorge that Mary and the young boy traveled with their captors.

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