Feb 26, 2011

Altoids Tin alcohol stove.

I've always wanted to try and make an alcohol stove but for some reason or another something always diverted my attention elsewhere until Bushcraft USA started their BushClass. One of the elements was to make a cooking implement so I decided to make a stove. In my search on the internet I came across rockvilleoutfitters video and borrowed the design he used.

It's a really simple design and here's how I made mine. I took a 7/32 drill bit and drilled holes around the perimeter just below the lid. I used pink fiberglass insulation on the inside to act as the "wick" although they say vemiculite work well for this. I also made some standoffs out of some 316 stainless filler rod but you can   use clothes hanger wire. The wire standoffs I made so that they would fit inside the tin.

The fuel I used was either methanol fuel additive or denatured alcohol, the isopropyl alcohol fuel additive burns with a lot of soot, it works but makes everything black.
I've found that it takes about one and a half to two ounces of fuel in mine with a little on the inside of the lid before you close it. I put my standoffs on before I prime it with a little bit of alcohol on the outside of the lid then light it.

I've found that if their is the slightest breeze you'll have to use some type of wind guard. The GI. canteen cup stove worked well for this and took a little under ten minutes to get water hot enough to make tea. I'ts not the most effecient stove but you can't beat the price!!


buzzard said...

Thats a very neat idea, thanks

Bob said...

Thanks , I'm hoping to try and make a volcano stove soon.