Feb 6, 2011

Spoon carving

About a Year and a half ago there was a spoon carving contest on the BCUSA forum, so I thought why not give it a shot. I used my Rat Cutlery RC-3 (which is now ESEE Knives ) to carve it from a Sycamore branch while I was milking at the farm.

I found that spoon carving  can be addicting for some reason or another (another is that I never figured out how to carve anything else) and you learn very quickly how a knife handles, and the RC-3 handled very well!

The bulk of my carving now is done with Mora's

My latest one is a made of Birch, carved with a BHK Boat Tail .

All of my work starts out pretty much as firewood or a branch cut and carved with no power equipment with no real design other than what the wood "wants" to do.

Some of my work.


firststeps said...

Keep at it Bob... Looks like the birth of a great blog...All the best...Jon Mac

Bob said...

Thanks Jon, that means a lot coming from you!

buzzard said...

Great blog and some lovely spoons, looking forward to seeing lots more.