Feb 6, 2011

What is Bushcraft

For me Bushcraft is learning and practicing the skills that our ancestors used to survive in the past. This can encompass many things, fire craft,cordage making,making implements etc. not because we have to or the end is near but because a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment is derived from it.

It's a different mindset that puts you closer to how things used to be when we depended more on nature and ourselves for our well being,wants and need's instead of "civilization" Man had an intimate knowledge and awareness of the world around him and he had to rely on these skills for him and his families survival which pretty much was just life! He didn't live outside of the natural world but lived in it.

Plus it's just a lot of fun!!


Le Loup said...

Too true, & they won't get that from using a ferocium rod!
Good post.

Bob said...

Thanks Le Loup