Mar 27, 2011

Altoids tin PSK

       I've been thinking about putting one of these together for awhile, and after reading RPB&S  Notes on "SAS" & "Altoids Tin" survival kits and a recent PSK thread on the new  RAT forum. . Now usually I have my Maxpedition Proteus pack with the stuff I normally carry into the woods but I planned this as somewhat of a very minimalist kit to carry some extra things to compliment what I already carry either on my belt or in my pockets when I'm out and about elsewhere.

This will be a work in progress as is my Proteus but here's the contents as follows.

1.A folded piece of heavy duty duty foil to form a container for cooking, water purification or a heat reflector.
2. Small top's signaling mirror for signaling obviously, or to remove foreign matter from an eye.
3. Small compass.
4. Small amount of dental floss for string.
5. Disposable LED keychain light
6. 3 PJCB's wrapped in aluminum for fire starting.
7. A magnesium/Fero rod, striker and whistle on a lanyard.

       Normally on my belt I carry a small fixed blade knife(Izula) and a Gerber multi-tool,  and in my pocket I carry a folder(Blade Tech) and an Imco lighter and on my key chain another whistle and a small pair of tweezers for splinters and ticks. It will get changed or added to I'm sure such as a garbage bag held on with a ranger band and maybe a space blanket.

Stay Safe



Karl said...

Hi Bob,

Thats a good start, I would use actual string or cordage in the kit rather than dental floss, it has more uses and is a lot stronger. And rather than using foil as a cooking pot, add a canteen & cup to your kit, its better and safer to carry water and cook in.

Just an observation...


Anonymous said...

nice post, I dont have a kit yet just carry my mora and a bush axe and some water.