Mar 13, 2011

A quick hatchet sheath

I've been cleaning up an old True Temper hatchet that was picked up at a sale, I like the design and wanted to get a sheath made up for it. I had some leather my Dad dropped off that was left over from some Boy Scout projects when I was a kid.

The leather was kind of on the thin side and soft so I melted some paraffin and soaked the leather in it to harden it up somewhat.

I used a drill bit to make holes for the rivets.

With the rivets installed I trimmed away the excess leather and cut out the strap.

I used the drill bit again for the same purpose on the strap to install the snap.

 For less than a couple of dollars, some free leather and about an hours worth of time I made what should be a serviceable sheath.

Stay safe


Anonymous said...

Nice post , great idea

buzzard said...

Very impressive work Bob, well done.