Mar 19, 2011

History Around Us:Enoch Brown School Massecre July 26,1764

          I can't say I'm a serious history buff but I do find the Indian and early settlement history and the events that took place in and around where I live in South Central Pennsylvania extremely interesting. Just a couple of miles from where I live many Indian attacks came upon the settlers in the area. I'm hoping to do short articles about these happenings and locations from time to time. Here is a link to a web download to a book I have The Indian Wars of Pennsylvania by C. Hale Sipe which is very good reference.

           On July 26, 1764 just 3 miles Northwest of Greencastle Pa. an attack occurred on the Pennsylvania frontier at a little log schoolhouse, carried out by a band of Delaware Indians. Enoch Brown the School Master and  10 children were killed, and one child  Archie McCullough although scalped survived the attack and lived to be quite old but somewhat demented due to the trauma of the attack . The story goes that  the attack on the school master and defenseless children was considered so brutal that upon the warriors return to their village the old chief or half-king Night Walker admonished them and called them cowards. Ironically Archie's cousin John was captured ten years prior to this tragedy from the same area and was living with the Delaware when the party returned with the scalps and attested to the admonishments of Night Walker.

The location where this occurred is now The Enoch Brown Park

The memorial where the massacre occurred.
39* 49.477N
77* 49.229W

The common grave where Enoch and his ten students are buried. The grave was opened in 1843 to verify the event to have happened. One adult and ten children were found to be buried here, their remains laid alternately head to feet in a common box.

39* 49.460N
77* 45.272W


           This is the spring where the children at school got their water, the plaque states this is where Archie was found cleaning the blood from himself after the attack, another account states that he was in the school house touching the faces of his slain friends trying to comprehend what had happened to them.And yet another  states that after the the attack the child made his way to the  Conococheague Creek one or two miles away where he was found washing his wounds.

39* 49.435N
77* 45.229W

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