Mar 8, 2014


   I was over at the farm earlier this week and while I was waiting for a trough to fill up with water I decided to make a quick trip to the woods on the backside of the farm.

Spotting the tell tale signs of a downed Pine I started to look for Fatwood which most times I don't find huge amounts but this time luck was on my side.

Most times when I do find some it's at the base of branches on down or standing dead Pines. Not huge amounts but more than enough to use to successfully get a fire started easily.

 But I think luck was on my side this time when I spotted this standing dead Pine.

 Shaving one of the exposed roots I could smell the strong aroma of turpentine from the resin laden wood.
And the trunk reveals the same condition, this is looking like it is going to be a fine harvest in the near future.

Now for a trial run.

Stay safe



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