Mar 23, 2014

History Around Us: Fort McCord Massacre April 1st, 1756

On the way back from a trip to the game lands with the dogs  I stopped at a local fort site that was attacked and destroyed during the Indian Wars. Next to Mary Jemison this is one of my favorite sites.

Shingas Burns McCord's Fort
On April 1st, 1756, Shingas attacked and burned Fort McCord,
a private fort, erected in the autumn of 1755, and located several
miles north-east of Fort Loudon, Franklin County, and not far
from the Yankee Gap in the Kittatinny Mountains, west of
Chambersburg. All the inmates of the fort, twenty-seven in
number, were either killed or captured. After the destruction of
the fort, Shingas' band was pursued by three bodies of settlers
and soldiers. One body, commanded by Captain Alexander
Culbertson, overtook the Indians on Sideling Hill. Here a fierce
battle was fought for two hours, but Shingas being reinforced,
the white men were defeated with great loss, twenty-one killed
and seventeen wounded.
Pg. 274. From the book The Indian Wars Of Pennsylvania

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Ja66erwock said...

My name is Todd Abele and I produce a show on PCN called Battlefield Pennsylvania and I might want to shoot on location at this monument, can you tell me where this is?

Bob Shannon said...

The memorial is located at
4028 Rumler Rd.
Chambersburg, Pa. 17202
You can contact me directly at for several more historic locations right in this area.
Thanks Bob