Mar 15, 2014

Started a new Blog: SHTF Mechanic

     I've been thinking about starting a new Blog for quite awhile. My hobby is Bushcrafting and just spending time in the woods but most of the time I'm either at the farm or at a plant working on equipment. One thing I've not seen covered quite as much is survival mechanics, most breakdowns on a farm seem like SHTF. The cows have to get milked, fed etc. and most of the times the repair is made on the fly under adverse conditions it seems. Improvised repairs is one thing you learn to do on the farm. This falls in line with how I think...What if?
 Most of what I hope to cover will blend over into everyday repairs but in a SHTF scenario they could be mighty valuable skills to have.
SHTF Mechanic

Stay safe



Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a good idea. I reposted your post on Facebook.

Bob Shannon said...

Thanks Gorges, I appreciate that.