Mar 30, 2014

Waxed Jute Tinder

   I've heard about waxed jute before as a tinder but I never got around to trying it until now.

  The process is quite simple and the only components needed are Paraffin wax and some jute twine. The paraffin can be purchased at most grocery stores and the jute I had was used to tie the feed sacks at the farm, or you can pick some up at most hardware stores.

I used a pot of boiling water and a jar as a double boiler to melt the wax in.

Once the wax was melted I added the jute twine and kept the wax heated to the liquid point for close to an hour.

Once it was saturated I removed it to allow it to cool and set up.

To test the water resistance I cut off a 2" piece and floated it in a cup of water for close to an hour to see how well it would hold up.

To use it you just pull the strands apart to make a small "bird nest" and light it up.

I like the stuff and although I prefer to use natural tinder's like fatwood shavings or Poplar bark I thought it worthwhile to add to what carry for fire starting.

Stay safe

1 comment:

Julian Drummond said...

This is so simple and looks really effective.
Awesome idea.
Such an easy way to carry some waterproof tinder around.
String is always useful whatever situation you find yourself in.
Love the double use advantage here.
Thanks for sharing this one.